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Image by Liana Mikah
Image by Austin Ban

The Queen of Myleria

Available Now!

In the land of Myleria, newborn babies are given their words at the Temple of the Fortune Teller. When King Onyx and Queen Layla have a baby girl, they worry about what her words may mean. Princess Essandra grows up with these words haunting her every move, wondering if she's going to be the reason her father steps down from his throne. As the heir to the throne, Essandra must be able to navigate her words, her country, and her own desires.

Content Warning: This book deals with parental death from illness, violence, and a fire. Please take care of yourselves. 

A Collection of Fairytales

Coming Soon!

In New Jersey, young girls are reliving the lives of fairy tale maidens. The first is Red Rose, a girl supposedly descended from "Snow White" whose stepmother is trying to kill her. While each girl lives out a new fairy tale, an ancient evil begins to stir awake.

Content Warning: The first collection deals with violence, attempted murder, suicide (by jumping off of a cliff; very brief description), parental abuse (physical, emotional, neglect; both in detail and alluded to), mental health issues depicted, homophobic slurs, teen pregnancy, mentions of abortion, and mentions of drug use. Please take care of yourselves. 

The Adventures of Kailey Everlace

Coming Soon!

In the land of Myrov, twelve-year-old Kailey Everlace and her twin brother, Zackary, have lived normal lives. Until one day, they find that their parents' friend, Sydnee, is an evil sorceress hung up on the idea of raising evil beings back from the dead. Forced to flee their homes, Kailey and Zackary decide to try to help as many Myrovians as they can---while also keeping themselves safe.

Content Warning: The first book contains violence. Please take care of yourselves.

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